10 Best Things To Buy In Australia

Best Things To Buy In Australia

Returning back from Australia with nothing is a practically impossible do you know? Yes, once you visit Australia then returning back without buying, you’ll regret for sure. The richest city of heritage and culture Australian legacy and astonishing nation as privately created for shopping. An occasion down in Australia then it is not finished except if you have loaded your baggage with probably the most famous things that are purchased in Australia. Let’s see those amazing things to buy in Australia.

Best Things To Buy In Australia

  • Opal Jewelry of Australia

Opal Jewellery Of Australia

Opal which is known to be the national gemstone of Australia and which has the top place in the list of every female traveller’s and bag of people who visits this amazing Australian country. Of course, the love towards this shows us as Sydney’s public transport card is known to be Opal Card. There are number of stores to buy these opals.

Where to buy:

Opal Minded

55 George St,

The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia.

Price Range:  AUD 15,000 (INR 73,000)

  • Papaw Ointment

Papaw Ointment

Papaw Ointment which is called as Lucas Papaw Ointment. Very useful and beneficial product made from fruit extract which cures skin ailments. It is well known for Australian travelers. It cures minor burns, rashes, chafing, insect bites, splinters. In winter it can also use as Lip Balm.

Where to buy:


Cole’s/ Big W Department Stores

Priceline Pharmacies

Price Range:  AUD 5.25 (INR 260)

  • Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots

The Ugg’s are made up of animal skin. Ugg boots will add fashion quotient of our attire and makes heads turn to our side. Wearing an unusual jewellery is better than wearing a Ugg boots. But these are not made for animal l0vers.

Where to buy: Australian Ugg Original

Price Range: AUD 89 (INR 4,400)

  • Tim Tam

Tim Tam

Australian travelers mostly filled with the score of beloved cream sandwich from Arnott named TIM TAM. One of the most famous things in Australia to buy without a reason are TIM TAM’s.

Where to buy: Woolworth’s

Price Range: AUD 1.80 (INR 90)

  • Tea & Coffee Beans

Tea And Coffee Beans

Australia is most famous for tea and coffee beans. The freshly made and prepared coffee and tea is aromatic here. The bag is full of beans is possible for travellers. It happens only for tea and coffee lovers. grab some love of your favorite kinds of tea and coffee.

Where to buy: 69 Little Collins St, Melbourne

Price Range:  AUD 17 (INR 840)

  • Australian Didgeridoo

Australian Didgeridoo

A Didgeridoo is a 1500-year-old Aboriginal breeze instrument that comprises of a long wooden “pipe” with a mouthpiece made of wax. A customary didgeridoo ought to be dug out by termites, yet there are likewise processing plant. It may be somewhat precarious to bring back home.

Where to buy:  

Australian by Design,

3rd Floor, Lift 1 opposite the Hopetoun Tea Rooms,

282 Collins St, Melbourne

Price Range: AUD 99 (INR 4,794)

  • Eucalyptus Leaf Jewellery (Gold- & Silver Plated)

Eucalyptus Leaf Jewelry

Australia is home to eucalyptus timberland, particularly around Sydney. The skeletons of the eucalyptus leaves are gathered by Bush Art Australia and are then gold plated to become wonderful antique jewelry pieces. This is certainly one of the most interesting Australian blessings to purchase.

Where to buy:  

5 Hyde St, Bellingen NSW 2454,


Price Range:  AUD 150 (INR 7021)

  • Vegemite


Vegemite is called as an Australian staple and it is famous for its acquired taste. dark coloured vegemite spread looks a lot like Marmite. Not everyone loves Vegemite but once you loved the taste, you’ll not miss the vegemite at any cost.

Price Range: AUD 27.53 INR 1,334.96)

  • Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo Leather Wallet

On the off chance that you need top notch kangaroo cowhide things, at that point Sydney is the spot to be. It’s the best firm in Australia that spends significant time in structuring calfskin merchandise like coats, shoes, wallets, sacks, and increasingly made out of kangaroo skin.

Where to buy:  

Real McCaul,

77 Memorial Dr Eumundi,

Queensland, Maryland, Australia.

Price Range: AUD 29 (INR 1,400)

  • Australian Handicrafts

Australian Handicrafts

Australia is more famous for its aboriginal art of culture. When you are returning back from Australia then you definitely fill your bags and empty your wallets with this art.  It is more famous for hangings, tablecloths, bags, sculptures, and aboriginal art. There are lot of Indigenous Artists and Communities in Australia.

Where to buy:

Bulurru Australia, the street of arts and sculptures

Price Range: AUD 19 (INR 1,000)

Souvenirs to Buy in Australia

  • Dinosaur Designs
  • Ken Done
  • Akubra Hats
  • Penfolds Grange Wine
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Emu Oils
  • Haigh’s Chocolates
  • Boomerangs
  • Wine from Yarra Valley
  • Bega Cheese
  • Suitcase Scent
  • Australian Made Gift Hampers
  • Souvenir Magnets
  • M. Williams ‘Yearling’ Chelsea Boots
  • Sherrin Football
  • Dame Edna Glasses

Things to buy in Melbourne

  • Tea and coffee beans at Block Arcade
  • Furniture, arts, wellness and other retail products at Bridge Road, Richmond
  • Personal care, jewelry, household and gifting items at Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
  • Jewelry, antique items at Chapel Street
  • Toys, sports & recreation items, Beauty & personal care products at Melbourne Central.
  • Leading international fashion brands at Melbourne GPO
  • The Blundstone Boots
  • The Lucy Folk Earrings
  • AFL Guernseys

What to buy in Sydney?

  • Clothes, Jewelry, Homeware, and Clothing Accessories at Queen – Victoria Building
  • Souvenirs, hats, shoes, bags, and Aboriginal pendants & bracelets – The Rocks
  • Clothes, watches, sportswear, bakery items, cosmetics, and shoes – Pitt Street Mall
  • Clothes, footwear, watches, gadgets, cosmetics, and much more – Melbourne VIC Emporium
  • Footwear, chronographs, chocolates, and much more – Block Arcade
  • Footwear, jewelry, clothing, cosmetics – Chad stone Shopping Center

Must buy snacks in Australia

  • Tim Tams
  • Snag
  • Lamingtons
  • Meat Pie
  • Freddo Frogs and Caramello Koalas
  • Pods
  • Arnott’s Shapes
  • Killer Pythons
  • Redskins
  • Fantales
  • Caramel Slices
  • Violet Crumble
  • Cherry Ripes
  • Chicken Salt
  • Iced Vovo’s


  • What are the best things to buy in Australia?

kubra Hat, Kangaroo Leather, Macadamia Nuts, Cricket Bat, Emu Oil, Boomerang are the things to buy in Australia.

  • What snacks to buy in Australia?

There are some snacks which are worth it buy from Australia like Redskins, Fantales, Caramel Slices, Violet Crumble, Cherry Ripes, Chicken Salt and, Iced Vovo’s.

  • What should I bring back from Australia?

There are many things to buy back from Australia. Some of them are Gold silver-plated antique jewellery, Kangaroo leather products.

  • What is the most famous thing in Australia? 

Gold- & Silver-Plated Eucalyptus Leaf Jewelry is best thing to buy in Australia.

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