10 Best UPI Apps In India With Highlights

Best Upi Apps In India

India has now crossed in excess of 1200 million dynamic portable clients and versatile Payments applications getting colossal catalyst after India Govt started a few measures to support computerized installment arrangements. With the usage of the Unified Payment Interface or UPI stage, a few Indian Banks and the outsider organization presented various versatile installment applications in India.

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You can without much of a stretch discover the rundown of such UPI installments application in the Google Play Store or iOS application store. These UPI installment applications incorporate UPI stage to send and get cash between the UPI connected financial balances.

Here is the List of 10 Best UPI Apps In India

  • Google Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay (previously known as Tez) is number one in this rundown. Google Pay is the most imaginative and one of a kind UPI installments application in India propelled by Google. Google Pay additionally leads in India’s UPI exchange both as far as Transaction Value and volume. Google Pay has in excess of 45 million dynamic month to month clients in India.

Google Pay has tied up with 4 PSP banks in India in particular SBI, ICICI, Axis Bank and HDFC Bank to give VPA administration in India. This installment application doesn’t have any wallet choice, in this manner, no KYC reports are expected to work this application, just you need a financial balance and your versatile number should connection to this record. You can make VPA id by introducing the Google Pay App and exchange MPIN by validating the plastic connected to your Account. The VPA id will be your Gmail id @hdfc, sbi, hub or ICICI.

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Google Pay is the first UPI application empowers Proximity include (NFC Technology) in its foundation. Google Pay improved the NFC Technology and present a Technology which can catch the ultrasonic wavelength in the Phone’s Mic and speaker (Called Audio QR Technology). In this manner, any cell phone can be empowered to impart utilizing Audio QR Technology utilizing ultra-high-recurrence sound wave. Right now, just Cash Mode works utilizing this technique. Google Pay has now in excess of 2000 online shippers’ accomplice in India. Starting at July 2019, Google Pay has over 35% of the piece of the overall industry in UPI exchanges with 300.6M exchanges as far as volume and 59500 crores as far as worth.


  • Closeness highlights (Audio NFC Technology) in Cash Mode Transactions.
  • No Wallet choice, cash can be legitimately charged and moved to any Bank Account you wish. Subsequently no KYC archives are required.
  • Best reward projects and offers among the all UPI installments application in India.
  • In-App Google Play and Google Ad Payment alternative.
  • Include any UPI taking an interest Bank Accounts in India.
  • Google Pay Safe shield.
  • Spam Warning, you may Block any undesirable UPI demand which appears extortion.
  • Incredible UI and easy to understand route.
  • Move cash between UPI id or QR Code
  • In-application installments for many collaborated traders.
  • Coordinate Google Pay API for dealer set up.
  • PhonePe


PhonePe is a Bangalore based UPI installments App propelled in 2016. This installments App now obtained by online business monster Flipkart. Phone Pe is the first UPI Payment stage in Quite a while, will be coordinated as an installment choice in Walmart India’s “B2B Cash & Carry Stores”. Telephone Pe is cooperated with Yes Bank to give UPI Payments administration in India. As of June 2019, information PhonePe has 35% piece of the overall industry in UPI exchange.

PhonePe is a backup of Flipkart. What’s more, as of late Walmart turned into the proprietor of Flipkart. That is the reason Flipkart was among the primary sites to help PhonePe exchanges.

Here are the three things wherein PhonePe exceeds expectations:

  • Quickest Money Transfer

The PhonePe App doesn’t require a PIN or secret phrase for opening the application. So, you can straightforwardly reach to the dashboard. In the dashboard, the most noticeable element is the ‘Cash move’. From the dashboard itself, you can pick the sort of beneficiary. PhonePe has less strides for sending cash. That is the reason cash move through the Phone Pe is quickest.

  • Simple Repeat Payments

PhonePe has concentrated a ton on rehash and repeating installments. You can without much of a stretch locate the ongoing beneficiaries while moving the reserve. Likewise, you can rehash a versatile revive by heading off to the History page. In the event that you do charge installments, you can likewise observe the ongoing charge you paid and the choice to do the exchange once more. Due to this component the greater part of the occasions you are not required to peruse the beneficiary.


  • Most prevalent UPI installments application in India.
  • Interoperability among the e-wallet suppliers in India.
  • Buy Gold utilizing Phone Pe Wallets.
  • Incredible Cash Back and reward
  • programs over a few vendor sites
  • You can utilize the Phone Pe Wallet choice in the majority of Indian E-business sites Payment portal.
  • You can cover charge card tabs utilizing Phone Pe UPI App.
  • Cash move utilizing UPI limit up to Rs.1.00 Lacs.
  • Can coordinate Jio Money with Phone Pe Wallet.
  • Superb User Interface (UI)
  • A client can get to various Bank Accounts utilizing Phone Pe UPI App

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  • Paytm


Paytm is the most prominent computerized wallet and UPI application in India and is acknowledged by the greatest number of shippers. It has the most noteworthy number of highlights. Alongside the reserve move, portable revive and bill installment, you can likewise contribute and book film tickets through it. Paytm QR codes are all over the place. From little natural product traders to gigantic item stores, Paytm is acknowledged all over the place. At times retailers don’t think about different applications however Paytm. Businesspeople can get back cash to their record without charges. This additionally helps in the agreeableness.

Paytm first began as a versatile wallet stage. In any case, after some time, they have included numerous administrations. From school Fees to toll charges, Paytm Payments Bank enables you to score enthusiasm on the cash you have kept in your wallet. Paytm Postpaid is another component added as of late which capacities like Visas. Clients can purchase things and pay later for them simply like Visas.As of June 2019 information, Paytm represents around 16% piece of the pie in generally UPI exchange and overwhelms QR code-based disconnected exchange advertise in India. (July 2019)


  • Most well-known cash move application in India.
  • Coordinates numerous highlights in a solitary stage. You can make Paytm Payment Bank Account after full confirmation of KYC.
  • Rupay Virtual Debit Card connected with Paytm Payment Bank.
  • Charge card charge installments.
  • Access Paytm Online eCommerce store straightforwardly from Paytm App or Paytm Mall.
  • Move cash utilizing the QR code or sharing Payment connect.
  • Purchase Now Pay Later assistance for ICICI Bank clients.
  • MobiKwik


MobiKwik isn’t an application which is overwhelmed with highlights like Paytm, yet it has its very own arrangement of helpful highlights. You can make store moves, energize portable, take care of tabs and contribute also.


  • Best User Interface

MobiKwik maybe has the best UI with regards to UPI applications. The dashboard indicates just those highlights which you’ll utilize the most Transfer Money/Pay to Merchant. It likewise demonstrates the record balance forthright. Adding cash to the Wallet is additionally one stage process.

  • Auto Recharge

MobiKwik enables you to energize just as set Auto Recharge for comparative revives later on. This is valuable and diminishes the problem of versatile revive. This element is additionally accessible for bill installments. You can, likewise, set an update for future installments.

  • Cost Manager

In this season of Digital Transactions, overseeing and monitoring your costs is an intense activity. MobiKwik has a one of a kind of answers for this. It peruses messages of all your cashless exchanges and furnishes you with a cost director. The Expense Manager keeps the record of Expenses for earlier months too.

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Bhim Sbi

BHIM SBI is an UPI installments application by the State Bank of India. The SBI had fundamentally built up this application for the UPI store move. Later it included different highlights like versatile energize and bill installment benefits too.


  • Simple Balance Check

In the event that you execute a great deal utilizing UPI, you have to realize how much equalization is left in your record. BHIM SBI applications enable you to see your parity from the dashboard itself. This is connected to your SBI record and works faultlessly.

  • Clean Interface

The BHIM SBI has likewise a perfect interface. With restricted highlights, the application is centered around UPI exchanges and carries out that responsibility great. The application additionally has extraordinary lucidness.

  • Essentially Secure

The SBI is a believed bank and it additionally makes some very incredible and secure banking applications. BHIM SBI is simply one more case of it. To open the application, you have to include a 6-digit M-PIN/secret word. This makes it more secure than Paytm and MobiKwik.

  • Kotak 811

Kotak 811

Kotak 811 is a blend of a banking application and an UPI application also. That doesn’t mean it can’t make it to our rundown of best UPI applications. The technique to open a Kotak 811 record is straightforward. What’s more, not normal for other financial balances, Kotak 811 doesn’t expect you to have some sum in your record. You can keep you balance 0 also.


  • Account Opening utilizing Aadhar and PAN

Opening a Kotak 811 record is an extremely short and simple procedure. You should simply enter your Aadhar and PAN subtleties and the following day, a specialist will come at your home to check the subtleties.

  • Virtual Debit Card

Kotak 811 likewise gives you a Virtual Debit Card which you can use for internet shopping. Aside from that, you can likewise utilize UPI for advanced exchanges Kotak 811 gives you a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) which is your UPI address too. UPI is inbuilt in its banking application and supports highlights like versatile energizes, charge installment and different exchanges too.

  • Procure Interest

Being a bank too, Kotak 811 gives you the capacity to procure premium. You can win a limit of 6% p.a. on parity over ₹1 lakh to greatest ₹5 crores. 5% p.a. on equalization up to ₹1 lakh and 5.5% p.a. on equalization above ₹5 crores. So, gathers together our rundown of the best UPI applications. One thing I have by and by seen is that while taking care of electric tabs through Google Pay, it regularly takes a time of 3-5 days. I have missed the cutoff time ordinarily thus and now I lean toward Paytm to take care of for my electric tabs. Regardless, Google Pay works fine and dandy while doing typical everyday UPI exchanges.

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  • BHIM UPI App


BHIM is the authority application for UPI based installments. Secure your cash with the assistance of cell phone crosswise over UPI and a large group of banks that have taken an interest in the UPI stage. Truth be told, in the event that you have BHIM application, you won’t require some other explicit UPI application for any of the banks you have kept up your record with.

The BHIM application can enlist all your financial balances regardless of the bank or branch you have your record with. The main essential is guarantee that you have enrolled a similar financial balance with all the ledgers you need to connect with and us a similar number with the BHIM application on your cell phone.


  • Pay to any financial balance with simply the portable number, or the record number/IFSC number blend.
  • You can even pay by utilizing the QR code. This can be useful for making installments to shippers utilizing the UPI
  • method of installment for getting the installments.
  • Look at and execute with all your ledgers at one single spot – if you have enrolled a solitary portable number with every one of the banks and money related establishments.
  • Pockets by ICICI Bank

Pockets By Icici Bank

Pockets by ICICI Bank is a wallet cum UPI installments application offered by ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank so far is the most imaginative Bank among the Indian Banks and Pockets Digital wallet is one such advancement, first propelled by ICICI Bank in Quite a while.


  • Virtual computerized wallet with a choice to change over into a bank account.
  • Free virtual Visa Debit Card, clients can likewise get a physical check card. (Local Card)
  • Pockets wallet can likewise be gotten to with ICICI Bank NetBanking.
  • Simple interface with a single tick includes subsidize choice.
  • VPA ID and QR code cash move alternative.
  • Utilization comparable Audio QR innovation Tone tag for blending gadgets and making a contact less installment.
  • Various arrangements and limits with different dealers.

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  • PayZapp by HDFC Bank

Payzapp By Hdfc Bank

PayZapp is a UPI installments application cum advanced wallet offered by HDFC Bank in India. This versatile Payments application likewise extremely mainstream in India because of its various cashback offers crosswise over various trader destinations. The application went mainstream when propelled as it offered customary cashback and different ideas on numerous online stores and revive facilitators like PayTM. It likewise gives you a chance to interface other financial balances also notwithstanding HDFC bank


  • In-App virtual Visa Debit card for online exchanges.
  • Vicinity Payments (Soundwave correspondence like G Pay) Soon to be propelled.
  • Tremendous Cashback and prizes programs crosswise over various vendor locales. Visit here for subtleties.
  • PayZapp wallet alternative on all web-based business destinations in India.
  • Alternative for PayZapp business Account.
  • VPA ID and QR code cash move choice.
  • Freecharge

Freecharge Upi App

Freecharge is additionally a well-known UPI cash move application in India for its few cashback and in-application limits and offers. You can get your own @freecharge UPI Id utilizing this App. You can include different Bank Account connected with the portable number enlisted for the Freecharge App. You can likewise make FreeCharge versatile wallet by transferring some KYC archives. This Gurgaon based Fintech startup presently is gained by Axis Bank.


  • One of the most noteworthy evaluated
  • cash move UPI application in both the App Store and Play Store.
  • Get your very own @freecharge UPI id fueled by Axis Bank.
  • In-App shipper limits and offers.
  • Send cash utilizing the QR code.
  • Put resources into Direct Mutual Funds.


  • What is the maximum limit for a UPI transaction in India?

The daily limit for the UPI Transaction from a bank account is ₹1 lakh (also depends on your Bank)

  • Which is the best UPI app in India?

According to DailyPicked, GooglePay is the is the best UPI app in India

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