Kukke Subramanya Temple is located in Karnataka and  is the temple of Lord Subramanya,  also called as Karthikeya in some areas. It is a Hindu Temple worshipped by Hindus. Here the lord Karthikeya, also Referred as lord of all the Snakes. This temple has a quite interesting story of Karthikeya. Once upon a time the Serpent named Vasuki along with other serpents found in the state of sheltered from the pursuit under which the subramanya when threatened by the Garuda.

Why Kukke Subramanya Temple is famous?

Kukke Subramanya Temple

Kukke Subramanya Temple is a most prominent temple in Karnataka, offers a special place for importance among spirituality. This Hindu temple is located at Dakshina Kannada district in Karnataka. It is more likely famous for the religious practices of Naga Dosha and Sarpa Dosha. Its lores are most famous and related to the way beyond hindu practises.

The Kukke Subramanya Temple is located at the parvathas of the western ghats named as the Kumara Parvatha in the name of lord Kumara Swami. It is famous for the trekking. All trekkers across the country treks here for all over the range for a range. It looks as the picture perfect by seeing from the long distance.

Many of the people believes as the parvathas are peacock which is vehicle of lord.  The Sesha Parvatha, another parvathas of which is in the form of serpents of six heads. It also protects the temple with open serpent shape. The temple is situated at the western slopes of the Ghats and is covered with dense evergreen forests all around.

The Architecture of the Kukke Subramanya Temple

People Going Inside Kukke Subramanya Temple

This sanctuary building faces eastern course and the principle entrance is available at the rear of the Sanctum. Situated in the middle of the sanctum and the passage of the sanctuary is a silver-plated garuda kamba (post), which is accepted to shield enthusiasts from the noxious breath of Vasuki who dwells inside the sanctum sanctorum.

Present past this is two lobbies, the internal one prompting the sanctum. Situated on the platform is a figure of Subramanya with Vasuki. A little beneath, one can discover the symbol of Sesha.

The History of the Kukke Subramanya Temple

There are many stories are revolving around this temple since from ages. One of the story beliefs that is after killing all the demon rulers named Shurapadmasura and Tharaka in a war. The two lords Ganesha and Kumara reached to the Parvatha by the received prayers of the lord Indra.

Indra’s prayers are very much impressed by the Kumara and accepted his note of marrying his daughter named Devesena.  So, after the acceptance of Shiva and Parvathi the marriage took place in the gods presence like Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara at Kumara Parvatha on Margashira shudha Shashti.  This is called the Divine Marriage.

The water from the holy rivers brought together and did the Mahabhisheka fell down to form a river at Kumara Parvatha and it is changed as the popular name of the lord as Kumaradhara. The serpent king named as the Vasuki, a great Shiv bhakta while performing tapasu at Biladwara for the years to avoid the attacks of the parvatha Garuda of Tirumala.

By shiva assurance Shanmukha did gave assurance to Vasuki and he has given a permeant place at his feet as his follower to save from Garuda. Vasuki is a wife of Nagaraja, king of serpents.

Pooja Vidanas of Kukke Subramanya Temple

The temple is widely sanctified and poojas are done by the Moroja Family belongs Sthanika Tulu brahmins. They are called as the chief priests of Temple until the 1845 and Tantris. It is closer to the Sringeri Jagadguru Peetam.

The ceremonies of Ashlesha Bali & Sarpa Samskara are two important Sarpa Dosha activities are also done at Kukke Subramanya Temple apart from Kudupu, Mangaluru and Katukukke, Dakshina Kannada.

Sarpa Dosha / Sarpa Samskara pooja at Kukke Subramanya Temple

Sarpa Samskara/Sarpa Dosha is the puja performed to wind god to dispose of the sarpa dosha or any antagonism being caused in one’s life. Sarpa Dosha is being distressed by the sarpa (snake) dosha (revile) either purposely or accidentally through numerous routes in one’s present or past births.

Individuals from different places the nation over play out this puja at Sri Kukke Subramanya sanctuary to dispose of the dosha. This custom can be performed on being prompted by the soothsayers and should be possible either by the individual harrowed on the off chance that he is a male and wedded or through a cleric.

Kukke Subramanya Temple Photo Front Side

This is on the grounds that the puja includes customs like the ones done in playing out a shraaddha (demise rituals). The lovers playing out the Sarpa Samskara Seva should remain for two days at the sanctuary premises. The seva happens during the day and the nourishment will be given to the aficionados by the sanctuary trust, for four individuals for every seva.

Naga Pratistha pooja at Kukke Subramanya Temple

This custom is performed for one’s alleviation from Kaala sarpadosha, santaana dosha (Childlessness) and related issues. The Puthrasanthana puja to free of childlessness is performed on all days aside from on Ekadashi or some other days on which a Hindu enthusiast watches fasting.

The Naga Prathista Puja will be done at the Nagaprathista Mantapa in the sanctuary’s external quadrangle after principle or mahapuja.

Ashlesha Bali pooja at kukke subramanya temple

This is performed by those known to be influenced by Kaalasarpadosha because of different reasons and this also is hung on all days aside from Ekadashi and different days when a Hindu enthusiast watches fasting. This puja is performed upon the arrival of Ashlesha Nakshatra consistently. In any case, Shravana Masa, Margashira Masa and Karthika Masa are viewed as generally promising to play out this puja.

Few more Interesting Facts about this Temple

Kukke Subramanya Temple of Karnataka was Built had over 5000 years ago.

This Temple is Divine feeling of Kshetra of Subramanya which is situated in the banks of the river ‘Dhara’ whose origins are at the Kumara Mountain and to the proceedings of western sea. Now the poojas are undertaken by the Madhwas and built a Mutt adjacent to the temple.

The noted festivals in the Kukke Subramanya Temple are made as Snana, Maha Rathotsava, Deepothsava, Ranga Pooja and Purusharya Ontinema.

A River Near Kukke Subramanya Temple
A River Near the Temple

It is a strong belief temple of Kukke Subramanya is one of the richest temples in Karnataka.

On the upper dias, we see the deity of Subramanya and the deity of Vasuki. Just below, at the next level one can see the deity of Shesha.

Products made of the animal skin should not be brought into the shrine.

There is rule that a devotee cannot enter the temple if he has oiled his head or body.

The Female devotees should not enter the temple if pregnant for sixth months or more.

List of Sevas

Daily Rituals at Kukke Subramanya Temple

5.00 A.M Temple Doors Open, Govu Pooja
5.30 A.M. to 6.00 A.M Ushakala Pooja
6.30 A.M. to 10.00 A.M Sevas by the devotees
10.00 A.M. to 12.15 P.M Madhyanna Pooja Consisting of Kalashapooja,Panchamrutha Abhisheka,Archana,Mahanaivedya, Mahamangalarathi
12.30 P.M. to 1.30 P.M Distribution of Theertha Prasada
11.30 A.M. to 2.00 P.M Anna Santharpane
3.30 P.M. to 6.00 P.M Hannukai Seva, Mangalarathi by the devotees
6.00 P.M. to 7.45 P.M. Nisha Pooja, Mahamangalarathi
7.45 P.M. to 8.30 P.M Distribution of Theertha Prasada, Closing the main doors
7.30 P.M. to 9.30 P.M Anna Santharpane (Night Meals)

 Address: Rd, Sullia Taluk, Post, Subramanya, Karnataka

District: Dakshina Kannada

Timings: Open on all days between 5 AM to 8 PM

Website: https://www.kukke.org/

Food Offerings to devotees

Free food is served by the temple trust to the visitors in between 1.30 PM to 2 PM and again from 8 PM to 9.30 PM.

Contact Details of Kukke Subramanya Temple

Kukke Shree Subrahmanya Temple,

Subrahamanya Post, Sullia Taluk,

Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka – 574238

Contact Person & Address

Executive Officer,

Kukke Shree Subrahamanya Temple,

Subrahamanya Post, Sullia Taluk,

Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka – 574238

How to Reach Kukke Subrahmanya Temple

There are many ways to reach the Kukke Subramanya Temple like Air, Bus, and Train ways.


The nearest airport to Subramanya is the Mangaluru International Airport located at a distance of 115 km.


The nearest railway station is the Subrahmanya Road (SBHR) railway station on Mangalore-Bangalore railway route. It is located at a distance of 12 km from Kukke Subrahmanya while there is also a daily passenger train service available from Mangalore and Bangalore.


Kukke Subrahmanya is accessible by road from Mysore, Bengaluru, Mangaluru, and Dharmastahla. The KSRTC buses operate on a daily basis from these places.

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