Top Companies In Mumbai To Work

Top Companies In Mumbai To Work

India is the best place to work for. It is one of the largest growing economy that gives satisfaction to the employees and organizations. India is having the Quickly developing tech organizations which overwhelms the rundown of the best work environments. Mumbai is the place where we grow ourselves into the career that it is having no other choice than to be competitive with organization that employee benefits.

Here is the List of Top Companies In Mumbai To Work

  • Oracle


oracle is one of the biggest organizations that are holding largest databases on the planet that can offer cloud computing and other technological services and advancements to Fortune 500 placed organizations. Oracle is having the 3 workplaces in Mumbai.

  • Oracle is the best company that offers a couple of advantages and more benefits for its employees more than any organization else is providing only in Mumbai.
  • Benefits like Medical coverage for the employee and its family which were taken care of at an additional expense.
  • it gives free transportation to employees who works up to 8 PM and to the female employees it is for full shift.
  • A Tax-free food coupon worth 1700 every month.
  • 12 sick leaves, 15 casual leaves and 10 public holidays every year for an employee. Total of 37 leaves in a year.
  • Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services

TCS is one of the biggest IT organizations in India and they have more than 13 branches that are situated in Mumbai region.  Some of the advantages that TCS offers in Mumbai are

  • Medical coverage for Parents, life partner and children up to 10 members in a family that no need of outside polices.
  • A stage called iEvolve which is a learning stage that employees can use to learn new advancements in technologies.
  • One-year leave for pregnant ladies without any pay.
  • Sponsored costs in the canteen
  • Reimbursement of any training costs that the employee pays.
  • Cab administration services in the night with security for female employees.
  • Soft Mart, a commercial centre inside TCS that assists with purchasing and selling some stuff.
  • They offer transfers for valid reasons with quick support.
  • Lowe Lintas

Lowe Lintas

Lowe Lintas is one of the Highest Marketing firms in the India. An extraordinary place for freshers to work. Employees believe that they get profited by the information sharing of the bosses.

  • The meetings to generate new ideas are very popular here.
  • The most looked for worker advantage in this organization is the vouchers that are given over dependent on performance.
  • The vouchers spread a wide range of opportunities from a spa visit to free plane rides.
  • Free check-ups.
  • Amazon


Amazon is the largest e-commerce companies in the world. It is having best place in the Indian markets with a massive success in its way.

  • It has incredible customer services and the employees are known for their advanced technology and accommodation.
  • They are known to hold customary seminars and they likewise direct online classes to assist employees to work better.
  • Aside from the general advantages, they are particularly having the special benefits for ladies.
  • They are also having the special working benefits like bonus and appreciations.
  • Alphabet


Tech behemoth Alphabet has since quite a while ago had notoriety for asking intense meeting inquiries like, “Gauge the quantity of tennis balls that can fit into a plane”, and “Which do you think has all the more publicizing potential in Boston — a bloom shop or memorial service home?”

  • The company is said to have the complaint boxes and queries box for employee conveniences.
  • It is rewarded with the meals and supplies fitness facilities and onsite childcare rooms etc.
  • Special benefits along with daily food.
  • Capgemini India Pvt Ltd

Capgemini India Pvt Ltd

Capgemini is a French global professional service company and business counselling company headquartered in Paris at France. It was established in the year 1967 by Serge Kampf. It gives a wide scope of services including IT consulting, cloud network framework, managed services, management consulting and redistributing services.

  • Capgemini’s territorial activities incorporate North and South America, Northern Europe and Asia Pacific and Central and Southern Europe.
  • Benefits like paternity leave and working hours reduction etc.
  • Frist day period leave etc.
  • Self-Défense workshops, health initiatives, photography club etc.

Johnson And Johnson

The organization was started on November 10, in the year 1887, as a holding organization. The Company and its backups are occupied with the innovative work, assembling and clearance of a scope of items in the medicinal services field. The Company works through three segments of Consumer, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices.

  • The Company’s essential spotlight is on items identified with human wellbeing and prosperity.
  • The Company has more than 230 working organizations, which lead business around the globe.
  • equipped gym, and sleep pods
  • Wipro


A free place and better campus with a friendly and professional environment to work and a personal grooming session is what defines the life of a Wipro employee for life. With Paid leaves and holidays, maternity benefits with expanded time away and get-away, and counselling sessions, motivations at Wipro are copious.

  • Paid holidays, maternity benefits, and counselling sessions
  • Grooming sessions, personality development etc.
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra is the best place to work and the best financial institution that is more beneficial to employees and cust0mers. Kotak Mahindra has got some really cool benefits for its employees.

  • Screenings of Bollywood and Hollywood movies.
  • Employee annual family days
  • indoor and outdoor games to relax
  • yoga and naturopathy classes
  • Intuit Technologies


Intuit Technologies is the best working place that is more open to Discussions related to LGBT issues are one of the best things that happen at Intuit Technology regularly. It is called as Pride technology Network. The company even allows the woman technologists to return into the board after a career break like maternity and serious health issues.

  • LGBT discussions on every weekend or else based on need.
  • options to return after a career break for long time
  • Encourages employees to start new projects like freelancing or entrepreneurship outside the office.
  • Financial support

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