Here is the List of Top 10 Developed States In India

India is comprised of several states and each state is unique. Some of the states are rich and some are beautiful and some of them have rich heritage , but all of them add to the uniqueness of this country. The country is made out of states , states actually add to the prosperity of India .

Photo of Mumbai Taj Hotel

Maharasthra is one of the most awesome and Top states in India. Devendra Fadnavis is currently the chief minister of this state. It houses one of the most magnificent city, Mumbai. Mumbai is considered one of the most developed and Top states in India. Mumbai due to its robust economic structure and a major point of economic activities is known as the economic capital of India It is one of the most economically sound states of India. This state houses some of the most beautiful monuments of India like Ajanta and Ellora caves. Mumbai has a considerable share in the national GDP. It has a low un employability rate. It ranks 9th in the Human resource development Index.

Image Of A Museum In Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the Top developed states of the country owing to it’s visionary projects. This state is located on the western coast of India and is spread over 1600km and has its capital at Gandhinagar. Currently, the government of Gujrat is formed under Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. It is famous for its business-friendly policies. Gujarat is a place known for its uniqueness and grandeur. This state is known for it’s innovative business ideas and monopoly. Gujrat owing to its huge business atmosphere has a very high Human development Index. Gujarat ranks 5th in the economy contribution to India.

Image Of A Temple In Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of the Top developed southern states and has it’s capital at Chennai. Tamil Nadu  is well known for its beautiful ancient cultures which are preserved and practiced till now  .  Currently, the government of the Tamil Nadu government is formed under Chief Minister Paliniswamy. Tamil Nadu boasts of a good  human resource enhancement ranking. This state has a massive GDP and is a abode to all kinds of business. Tamil Nadu is more aptly known as the rice bowl of India . This state is a big producer of turmeric, flower,tapioca and sugarcane. Tamil Nadu has one of the best educations systems in our country where the teachers are dedicated and humble.

Amaravathi Capital City Of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is known for its rich culture and heritage Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy is the current chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. This state has a amazing tourism amenities and is the most visited state for its special nearby things. Andhra Pradesh has its capital at Vishakapatnam. Apart from this Vijayawada is an extraordinary city to visit. Andhra Pradesh contributes  fairly highly to the national GDP of the nation. Andhra Pradesh has one of the most two spectacular Human Development Indexes. Andhra Pradesh boasts of a remarkable education system.

Golden Temple In Punjab State

Punjab is one of the Top splendid states of India and is gifted with a very robust agricultural system. A major part of the economy is built upon its agriculture.  Punjab is known for its fertile soil and its massive agriculture output. Indus valley civilizations are known to have flourished in this state. The government of Punjab is formed under Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh. Punjab has a high  Human Development Index and has good ease of doing business rank. Crops like wheat and barley and are grown in huge quantities. It has a high  GDP which averagely ₹5.18 lakh crore. Punjab has a rich history and is known for the glorious dynasties which ruled this land. Punjab also has great tourism. Punjab is one of the joys of loving and colorful states in India.

A Temple In Karnataka State

Karnataka is located in the southern part of India. Karnataka was born on the first of November, this day is also celebrated as Karnataka day by this state.  Karnataka is more known for its capital city Bangalore, which is also known for its platforms for start-up and innovators. B. S. Yediyurappa is the current chief minister in this state. Karnataka is known for its richness and rich Kanada culture. Karnataka houses the prestigious ISRO  Headquarters and is the hub of many innovative ideas. This state has a high Human Development Index and has a massive GDP share in the national GDP. This state has a rich history and was ruled by great dynasties like the Chola, Chalukyas and the Woehyar Dynasty. Karnataka is known for its capability of developing new technology and employment generation in India.

Photo Of Taj Mahal In Uttar Pradesh

Located in the northern part of India, Uttar Pradesh is known for its rich cultures which are preserved for centuries. Adityanath Yogi is the present chief minister of Uttar Pradesh  This state boast of a rich cultural heritage and is probably the largest state in India. This state has moderate unemployability.  It is known for huge cities like Agra, Ayodha and Vrindavan, etc. Hindi is the prime language in this region. Uttar Pradesh has a big GDP of sixty-one thousand crores. Uttar Pradesh is a glorious state with having a good economy.

Photo Of West Bengal City

West Bengal boasts of a rich cultural heritage. The chief minister of this state is Mamata Banerjee. West Bengal is famous for its sweets and various varieties of dishes. This state is known for its thriving business atmosphere. Murshidabad in West Bengal is known for its history and riches, it is said that almost 20% of world GDP was contributed by this place. West Bengal is a great place and has many monuments and palaces to visit. It has a great tourism base and attracts a lot of visitors. It has an impressive GDP and a stable economy. West Bengal is doing fairly well in Human resource enhancement  Index Development.

A House In Kerala State

Kerala is said to have formed by the Lord Parashurama and was given by the Ocean God to him. Kerala is known for its rich south Indian heritage and culture. Pinarayi Vijayan is the chief minister of this state. Kerala is known as “God’s own country” for its beautiful landscape and glory. Kerala is uniquely beautiful. It has a stable economy than most other states in India. This state contributes fairly well to the national GDP.  This state is known for its ayurvedic treatments and medicine. Kerala is rich in cash crops and a huge amount of economy is dependent on it. Kerala is a state which is much cherished by visitors for it’s unique and soothing culture and food.

Sun Temple In Odisha

Odisha is one of the states in India which has a very ancient culture. It is called the state of temples owing to its rich cultural heritage. The government of Odisha is currently led by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. Odisha is more famous for it’s glorious Jagganath Temple. Odisha ranks fairly high in the Human Development Index and has a Human resource management system. Odisha has reforms in its policies which is paving its way to further development. It has a standard GDP and low unemployment rate. Odisha has a huge tourist base, it gets a lot of visits from tourists all over India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Major tourist spots in Odisha are Jagganath Temple, Lingaraj Temple, Nandankanan.

Gujarat, Mumbai has the highest ranks for doing business. These states are equipped with great funding and business development facilities.

Kolkata has many places to visit,  they are Victoria Memorial, Dakhineshswar Kali Temple, Fort William, Belur Mutt, Howrah Bridge.

Among the states in India Maharastra is the richest, as it is the main center of many economic and business activities of India.

Bangalore is known for its start-up culture and is a place where the majority of start-ups work.

Gujrat, Maharastra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu have fairly good Human Development Index.

It has robust agriculture driven the economy and is a large producer of several crops.

Odisha is famous for its tourist places primarily the Jagganath Temple.

Tamil Nadu is famous for its temple and heritage and it’s local food.

Hindi is primarily spoken in Uttar Pradesh.