How Afterthought is Changing the Game

In an industry often criticized for lack of transparency and safety concerns, Afterthought is making waves with its commitment to consumer welfare. Founded by Ganesh Bommanaveni, the company aims to set new standards in the beauty and personal care sector through extensive research and innovation. With a focus on creating products that are both effective […]

10 Best Assignment Help Websites In Canada

Best Assignment Help Websites In Canada

We understand how difficult it is to hand over your assignment to an unknown person. Although, most of the scholar hires first found a website on the Internet for assignment help. Is it true? We do not think that this is an ideal way to deal with assignment help search. For this, we have personally […]

10 Best Assignment Help Websites In UK

10 Best Assignment Help Websites In Uk

Most of the students remain worried about their assignment, which they have to submit in tight deadlines. Such students start searching for the number of options to complete the assignments, either they approach to their friends or request the professors to extend the deadlines. But, both of these options are useless! So, what to do […]

Why Petrol Prices Are High In India

Person Filling Petrol In A Car

Petrol is one of the most expensive commodities in India in comparison to most other countries but it is not the India many countries which is suffering from the global turmerol. It is a normally happening, yellowish-dark fluid found in geographical developments under the Earth’s surface. It is usually refined into different kinds of powers. […]

Everything About Kukke Subramanya Temple

Kukke Subramanya Temple

Kukke Subramanya Temple is located in Karnataka and  is the temple of Lord Subramanya,  also called as Karthikeya in some areas. It is a Hindu Temple worshipped by Hindus. Here the lord Karthikeya, also Referred as lord of all the Snakes. This temple has a quite interesting story of Karthikeya. Once upon a time the […]

Why Canada Is The Best Country In The World

Canada Country Flag

Canada is said to be one of the most prosperous countries in the whole world. It is one of those countries where people enjoy a lot of facilities and everyday comfort. The prime feature which makes Canada unique to other countries is its investment in the development of it’s human resources. It is very open […]

30 Football Legends In The World, Probably You Don’t Know

football legends - people playing football

Here is the List of 30 Football Legends    Amancio Amancio was a piece of a phenomenal Real Madrid squad that carried on the triumphant attitude of the past age, driven by Alfredo Di Stefano. Amancio won nine alliance titles and one European Cup with Los Merengues, and was a piece of the Spanish side that […]

Everything About Mee Bhoomi of Andhra Pradesh

Mee Bhoomi

Mee Bhoomi is an app tag lined as digital depository of land records launched on 13 June 2015 by chief minister then Chandra Babu Naidu.  The Andhra Pradesh government has launched that `Mee Bhoomi’ app for exclusively publish and online checking of and a digital depository of land records. Mee Bhoomi It makes available all […]

Everything You Need To Know About Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre ( VSSC )


Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre abbreviated as the VSSC is one of the major research centres under the Indian Space Research Organization.  It is formed under the Name of the great scientist Vikram Sarabhai. VSSC is located at the Thiruvananthapuram area of Kerala. It focuses on the Space vehicles for Indian Satellites. Everything About Vikram Sarabhai […]

Everything You Need To Know About NTPC


NTPC Limited, popularly and formerly known as National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, which is an Indian Public Sector company engaged in the generation of electricity and its related allied activities. NTPC is a Thermal Power company incorporated under the Companies Act 1956. It was promoted by Government of India. Here is Everything About NTPC Limited […]