8 Popular & Top Western Wear Brands In India

Top Western Wear Brands In India

Fashion is one of the most ever changing aspect in the world. It never stays the same, it keep on evolving further and further. Keeping up with this changes, our fashion taste too evolves in accordance with the time. Everyone wants to look trendy as well as feel comfortable in whatever they wear. Today, Indian consumer are very brand conscious. This is why brands are competing with each other for dominance.

Here is a list of Top western wear Brands in India

  • Levi’s

Levi's western wear Brand

Among all the fashion brand in India Levi’s is one of the oldest and most popular brand. They produce shirts, jackets, trousers etc. Levi’s is best known for it’s jeans trousers. A wardrobe is not complete without a pair of jeans in the collection. Levi’s caters for all men, women and children and sells all kinds of casual wear, party wear and formal Wear. It has a number of stores all over India and it’s consumer are increasing day by day. With Levi’s you will enjoy the pleasure of what a perfect pair of jeans is supposed to feel like. It is one of the oldest brand and a pioneer in producing jeans wear.

  • Park Avenue

Park Avenue western wear Brand

Park Avenue is best known for their formal and semi formal Wear choice. There is no other brands that can compete with it when it comes to formal wears. They are also famous for their range of exotic perfumes and exhilarating fragrance for teens and a slightly subtle scents for adults. Park Avenue also stars in catchy accessories such as sunglasses, shoes, socks, belts and many more.

  • Lee

Lee western wear Brand

Lee currently caters for men and women clothing in India. It’s business is becoming quite popular amongst the young Indians because of their dainty collection of jeans wear. It’s clothing retail mostly centers on casual and work wear for men and women. The main reason for it’s popularity is because of it’s durability it offers in their clothing which consumer can not find anywhere else. It is a good choice for outdoors as well as heavy duty activities.

  • Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans western wear Brand

Pepe jeans is an American clothing retail which caters for only men and women. But the brand is currently working on introducing a series for kids wear soon. Their strength is in jeans wear because they not only produce the most authentic material but also have the expertise in producing many kinds of styles that usually takes the consumers breaths away. Pepe jeans is famous for party wears, formal and casual wear. They also have an extensive range of accessories like sunglasses, handbags, footwear, wallets etc.

  • Versace

Versace western wear Brand

They are best known for their uniquely flashy prints and bright colors that bring up good spirit in every one’s heart. It is an Italian fashion retail that produce world class leather products including a mesmerizing collection of shoes, handbags and more. Versace is the brand consumer look up to when they need  the best possible leather textile product.

  • Dior

Dior western wear Brand

Dior is a French fashion retail founded by Christain Dior which is now owned by the Arnault Group. This fashion group is considered as the world largest luxury group that caters to the most fantasy-inspired fashion needs of the consumers. It is the most luxurious brand in fashion and they produce ready to wear garments, leather goods, footwear, jewelry, perfumes, make up and many other beauty products. It is one of the most beloved brand in India as Indians really takes to make up products even in a traditional way.

  • Wrangler

Wrangler western wear Brand

Wrangler is best known for their denim clothing which gives the consumer the most stylish and comfortable experience. They only caters for party and casual wear and has a significantly high consumer growth in the young generations. Wrangler is best known for their range of classy denim jackets and authentic jeans wear. It’s a hit with the new generation Indian.

  • Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani western wear Brand

This is everything you could expect from a foreign fashion brand to be really international. It is a luxury brand, it fulfills everything you want from clothing, make up and other accessories. The Emporio Armani is technically everyone’s ideal brand that caters to clothing, make-up, jewelry, watches, shoes, readymade garments and haute couture. It is also one of those brands the Indians holds close to their hearts and has considerably more growth among celebrities. They are as costly as they are luxurious and many celebrities find it a good enough place to flaunt their wealth and popularity as well.

With more and more fashion brands being introduced in the Indian markets, the consumer are becoming more brand conscious. Nowadays, brand name sells more than anything else in today’s highly controlled marketing world. The brand label satisfies an individual and consumer simply wants to stay on top of every trend. In a way, Indians seems to be firmly addicted to this materialistic bliss they offer with their products.

The above mentioned brands are only some of the top western wear brands that are currently  establish and flourishing in the Indian markets. All this shows the growth of Indian fashion consciousness. Today everybody knows the worth of every fashion brand and unbranded clothing have become kind of obsolete.

Many international brands have come to be owned and manage by Indian companies as the fashion industry progress exponentially in the last few decades. Like mentioned earlier, there are thousands of new and emerging fashion brands that is bombarding the Indian market but the Indian consumer are very brand conscious, they don’t go for just any and up brand. They have established taste and preference fashion wise. They always go for the trusted and durable brand. This is why different brands are always in competition with each other to dominate this huge market. With every new brand being introduced in the market, the consumer become more educated fashion wise and they can easily differentiate between the good and the not so good products and as a brand is only as good as it’s products the consumer can make their well informed choices easily.

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