China is the world’s most populous country and one of the largest economies in the world with political regime and enormous impact in India. With the economic growth and development, it shows its hawk nature in India which relies heavily on exports and imports. The china Trading Economy in India is in exports increased 11.5% which is amounting to USD 160.68 billion.  India receives 3% of the total exports by Chinese. As per the report of FICCI, The Chinese companies have invested in the following Indian sectors.

Automobile Industry (40%)  Metallurgical Industry (17%)
Power (7%) Construction (5%)
Services (4%)

Here are a Few Chinese companies doing business in India

Chinese Mobile Companies Doing Business in India

Huawei  ZTE Lenovo Xiaomi
OPPO VIVO Coolpad Gionee
OnePlus TCL Haier Motorola

Chinese Software Companies in India

Alibaba Group Logo

Bytedance Company Logo

Chinese Industries In India

Chinese Industries in India

Chinese Consumer Services And Goods

Chinese Consumer services & Goods companies in India

Chinese Health Care Companies In India

Chinese Health Care Companies in India

Chinese Finance Companies In India

Chinese Finance Companies in India

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