Indian History has witnessed many scared assassinations of popular leaders which have unfurled tremendous changes and caused distraction to the nation’s entire economic system and political system. The government has improved its security conventions so as to stop any such planned professional killers. Here’s a more intensive take a gander at the absolute most significant deaths that left an imprint in history and sent shock waves the Entire nation.

Here are Famous Assassinations In India

Mahatma Gandhi

Place: New Delhi  Year: 1948

Assassin: Nathuram Godse

Assassinated reason: India and Pakistan Bifurcation.

Father of the Nation’ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, prominently known as Mahatma Gandhi. He was killed on 30 January 1948. Peculiar extraordinary man whom everybody adored and respected was killed. Known to be an Indian political extremist, an unmistakable pioneer of the Indian National Movement against the British and an otherworldly pioneer who upheld harmony and peacefulness all for a mind-blowing duration, Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead by a college activist and Student turned dissident Nathuram Godse in New Delhi.

Phoolan Devi

Place:  Delhi  Year: 2001

Assassin: Sher Singh Rana

Assassinated reason: Revenge for the Behmai massacre.

A well-known Politician was killed in the year was 2001. On June 25 she was killed outside of her official bungalow. She was a sitting member of the Parliament when the time o death. She has three gunman’s who fired at her with an agreement. She received five bullets and died immediately at that time.

Indira Gandhi

Place:  Delhi  Year: 1984

Assassin: Personal Bodyguards Satwant Singh and Beant Singh.

Assassinated reason: Revenge on Operation Blue Star

Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi well known as Indira Gandhi. She was the first woman prime minister of our country and the only daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru.  On the morning of 31 October 1984, she was shot at her residence at No. 1, Safdarjung Road in New Delhi by her Sikh bodyguards, this happened only after few months of Operation Blue Star. Blue star is a military operation ordered by Indira Gandhi to control over Amritsar for Harmandir Sahib Complex.

Rajiv Gandhi

Place: Sriperumbudur, Chennai  Year: 1991

Assassin: A suicide bomber Thenmozhi Rajaratnam

Assassinated reason: Revenge for sending the Indian Army to fight the LTTE militants.

The seventh prime minister of India and the eldest son of Indira Gandhi. She was assassinated on 21 May 1991 by a suicide bomber Thenmozhi Rajaratnam, member of the terrorist group in Sri Lanka.

Pramod Vyankatesh Mahajan

Place: Mumbai  Year: 2006

Assassin: Pravin Mahajan

Assassinated reason: conflicts in family.

Second generation leader and popular leaders of the BJP Pramod Mahajan was one of the most famous for his speeches. On 22 April 2006 he was shot by his own brother Pravin. The reason behind this Attack was a family dispute. After a shot he was in coma for 13 days in the hospital. He succumbed to his wounds on 3 May 2006.

Immanuvel Devendrar

Place: Tamil Nadu  Year: 1957

Assassin:  Thevar cast people

Assassinated reason:  Thevar caste and the relationship between the communities.

Sekaran was a freedom fighter, and a Dalit activist and worked for the Indian National Congress in Tamil Nadu. He was murdered by a  group of people from another caste due to caste issues.

General Arun Shridhar Vaidya

Place:  Year: 1986

Assassin: 4 unknown people

Assassinated reason: Due to Operation Blue Star.

Arun Sridhar Vaidya is a 13th Chief of Army Staff (COAS) of the Indian Army. He fought in Burma Campaign during the final of the Second World War. He designed Operation Blue Star – a military operation ordered by Indira Gandhi and supervised it.

Brihadratha Maurya

Place: Mathura, Uttar Pradesh  Year: 180 BCE

Assassin: Pushyamitra Shunga

Assassinated reason: To Establish Shunga Empire.

Brihadratha Maurya was the last ruler of the Maurya Empire and Dynasty from c. 187 – c. 180 BCE. Brihadratha was killed by own kingdom general, Pushyamitra Shunga, who went on to establish the Shunga Empire he killed Maurya.

Abdul Ghani Lone

Place: Idgah  Year: 2002

Assassin: A group of Pakistani youths

Assassinated reason: working for peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

Abdul Ghani is a Kashmiri Lawyer, Politician, and a separatist leader. The reason behind his assassination his struggle for making peace for Jammu and Kashmir. On 21st may 2002 he was commemorating on the twelfth anniversary of Kashmiri leader Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq that time group of Pakistani people singing shouting pro-Pakistan slogans and fired him.

Mahendra Karma

Place: Tongpal – Forest Area  Year: 2013

Assassin: Maoist attackers

Assassinated reason: Political issues.

Mahendra Kerma is a north Indian politician and a Member of Indian National Congress (INC) belongs to Chhattisgarh. He made his political debut in politics as a member of Communist Party of India (CPI). Karma was killed in the Maoist attack in May 2013. He was shot dead by the Maoists. He was attacked in the forest area between Tongpal and Dharba.


Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi

There are Many, Here we’ve featured 10 Famous Assassinations In India

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